Things didn’t get any better for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday as they dropped their fourth straight game. The New York Giants beat the 49ers 29-17 in a hard fought game. It was just the 49ers making more mistakes in the second half then the Giants and that is the reason for the 12 points loss.

J.T. O’Sullivan once again made costly mistakes in the game as he was picked off twice and also had a fumble in the endzone that resulted in a safety. He finished the game with one touchdown and two interceptions on 16 of 28 passing. O’Sullivan finished the game with 256 yards.

Head coach Mike Nolan mentioned after the game that a qb change could happen this week in practice so loook for Shaun Hill to get some more reps then he has.

Frank Gore had a terrible game as he only had 11 carries and 11 yards. The 49ers simply can’t win if Gore isn’t running the ball.

Josh Morgan led the wide receivers with five catches for 86 yards and one touchdown.

The offense was that bad against the Giants. Had they not scored a touchdown on a blocked field goal right before halftime, this game would have been a huge blowout for the G-men. The 49ers were that bad.

The main guy on the 49ers defense once again was Patrick Willis as he had nine tackles in the game. Walt Harris was right there with him with nine tackles of his own as well. The defense as a group is giving up too many points and the way the offense is playing right now, they will continue to lose these type of games.

So how long will Coach Nolan remain the coach of the San Francisco 49ers? I think that is the question everyone will be asking once again this week.

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The San Francisco 49ers will be sending out an email to all the season ticket holders today that will be telling them that they are welcome to signup for some free tickets to eight of the 49ers training camp practices.  Tickets are limited to the first 3000 people however so you will have to act fast once you receive your information.

The open practices are scheduled for Saturday, July 26 (9-10:30 a.m.), Sunday, July 27 (9-10:30 a.m. and 4-5:30 p.m.), Monday, July 28 (4-5:30 p.m.), Wednesday, July 30 (4-5:30 p.m.), Friday, August 1 (4-5:30 p.m.), Saturday, August 2 (9-10:30 a.m.) and Sunday, August 3 (4-5:30 p.m.).

So do you plan on going?  If so, let us know as we are not able to make it and would love to post some pictures right here on the blog.

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If you have been wanting to attend the San Francisco 49ers training camp but didn’t want to spend extra money on tickets well now you can attend for free!  Yes that is right, you can watch the 49ers pratice nine times for free!  The players will also take time to sign autographs for fans so make sure to take some items to get signed!

The free open practices are scheduled for
– Monday, July 30 – 4pm
– Wednesday, August 1 – 4pm
– Friday, August 3 – 4pm
– Saturday, August 4 – 3pm
– Monday, August 6 – 4pm
– Wednesday, August 8 – 4pm
– Friday, August 10 – 4pm
– Wednesday, August 15 – 4pm
– Monday, August 20 – 4pm

More than 3,000 people are expected to attend each free ticketed practice. To obtain tickets, fans must register online at Tickets are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. One printed ticket admits up to two people. There is no charge for practice tickets or parking for these events.

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Welcome the start of a new San Francisco 49ers Blog!  I’ll be blogging all about the 49ers, game recaps, trades, and 49ers rumors.  Pretty much just my opinion about everything that goes on the with the 49ers and the management.

I hope you will check back daily for updates to the blog, and leave some comments in the articles so others can also see your opinions about the team and management!  From time to time we will be running some contests on the site so make sure to check in often!

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