Another season as came and gone however the 49ers do have their heads up high after beating the Washington Redskins 27-24 on Sunday afternoon to finish off the 2008 season. With the win the team improved to 5-4 after Coach Singletary took over the team and finished the season with a 7-9 overall record.

Joe Nedney booted a 39-yard field goal as time expired to give the 49ers the victory. The late drive was beautiful as Shaun Hill and the offense had the Redskins defense confused pretty much the entire drive. Hill did a great job of time management and hitting his open receivers as well.

Hill went 21-for-30 for 245 yards, rushing for an early score and throwing a TD pass while remaining unbeaten in five games as a starter at home. Jason Hill caught the nine-yard touchdown pass from Hill in the fourth quarter. The only other touchdown for the 49ers came in the third quarter when DeShaun Foster hit paydirt from one yard out.

Frank Gore returned from a two-game injury absence to rush for 58 yards, wrapping up his franchise-record third consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season. It’s too bad Gore had to miss time late in the season with injuries but overall he had a pretty good season for the team.

Now everyone will be paying attention to see who the team hires for a offensive coordinator as Mike Martz will be let go all indications say. Once that is done, the team will start looking forward to the upcoming NFL draft where the 49ers will be picking tenth overall.

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It sure wasn’t pretty but the San Francisco 49ers came away with a one point victory on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. Josh Morgan caught the game winning touchdown on a 48 yard pass from Shaun Hill late in the fourth quarter and then the defense held off the Rams on their final drive of the game as the team came away with a 17-16 victory to improve to 6-9 on the season.

Hill didn’t have a good game but he came up big when the team needed him the most. He finished the game with 18 of 34 for 216 yards and two touchdowns. However he was also picked off three times in the game.

Issac Burce was the leading receiver for the team and he also caught his 1000th career pass in the game. Bruce caught seven balls for 61 yards and one touchdown in the game. Congrats to Issac for going over the 1000 catches!

The running game of the 49ers was pretty much nonexistent the entire game.  Hill led the team on the ground with 45 yards on four carries while DeShaun Foster had just 36 yards on 12 carries.

Patrick Willis and Michael Lewis were the anchors on the 49ers defense as they both finished with 13 tackles each. It seems like we blog about Willis and Lewis each week as they are the two stars on this defense. We can’t forget that Tarell Brown also intercepted a pass in the game as well.

So now it comes down to the final game of the season on Sunday. The 49ers will be taking on the Washington Redskins at home with a game time of 4:15 ET. Get out the stadium if you can and let’s all watch a 49ers victory to close out the 2009 season!

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49ers loss to the Dolphins 14-9The 49ers were going for their third straight win on Sunday as they took on the Miami Dolphins but they couldn’t pull it out in the end and lost 14-9. Yep, another game where the offense struggled and the only points that were put on the scoreboard was three field goals by Joe Nedney.

The offense was playing without starting running back Frank Gore who was held out with the ankle injury. DeShaun Foster got the start and rushed the ball for 76 yards on 18 carries. Foster just isn’t the type of back that Gore is. He can’t catch the ball as well and just doesn’t pick up the extra yards we are used to seeing Gore pick up.

Shaun Hill tossed the ball around all game long as he attempted 46 passes and completed 30 of them. Issac Bruce was the leading receiver as he caught seven passes for 71 yards. It’s too bad Hill and Bruce couldn’t have hooked up for a touchdown in the game as they were connecting quite often.

I thought the defense played a good game once again. They held the Dolphins to only 14 points and one of those was a breakdown that allowed for a 61 yard td for the first score of the game. One reason the defense was able to hold the Dolphins to only 14 points was because the offense had the ball 22 minutes longer as they kept the ‘Phins offense on the sideline. This loss can’t go on the defense that is for sure.

Poor field position plagued the 49ers, who started their possessions at their 20, 20, 11, 4, 11, 13, 21, 34 and 39. Mistakes hurt them, too. They muffed a kickoff, made a fair catch of a punt inside the 5, dropped a potential interception and committed two false-start penalties on one play.

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The San Francisco 49ers picked up their second straight win on Sunday with a 24-14 victory over the New York Jets. The win improved the 49ers record to 5-8 overall and 3-4 at home. I really thought that the Jets would have their way with the 49ers even though they had to travel across the country to play the game. I guess I was wrong!

Shaun Hill passed for 285 yards on 28 of 39 passing. Hill hooked up with Bryant Johnson and Frank Gore as he tossed two touchdowns in the game. Issac Bruce and Johnson both caught six balls from Hill as they both stayed active all game long.

The 49ers didn’t have much of a running attack as Gore was the leading rusher with only 52 yards on 14 carries. DeShaun Foster had 16 carries for 35 yards as well.

The defense is what won this game for the 49ers I had though. Michael Lewis was the leading tackler with seven tackles. Patrick Willis was right behind Lewis as he finished up with six total tackles.

The defense held Brett Favre to just 20 of 31 completions  and 137 yards.

Up next for the 49ers is a game in Miami against the Dolphins. The Dolphins are currently favored by -6.5 points and that is about right considering the 49ers have to travel to the East coast for an early game on Sunday. Can the team win their third straight game? Let’s hope so!

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The San Francisco 49ers jumped out to a 6-0 lead against the Dallas Cowboys but after that it was all Cowboys as they went onto beat the 49ers 35-22 on Sunday afternoon. Twenty-two points in the second quarter by the Cowboys sealed the deal as the 49ers could not get back into the game. Simply put, you can’t kick field goals inside the 5 yard line and expect to beat the Cowboys with Romo at quarterback.

Shaun Hill had a decent game for the 49ers as he completed 21 of 33 passes for 303 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. The one interception came in the endzone however and it proved to be very costly.

Hill hit Issac Bruce eight times for 125 yards and one touchdown. DeShaun Foster caught the other td pass from Hill as he scored in the 4th quarter and a nine yard reception.

Frank Gore was pretty much non existant in the game as he had 26 yards on 14 carries. He could not run against the Cowboys defense as the 49ers offensive line played terrible against the run.

The defense played terrible as they allowed Terrell Owens to catch 7 balls for 213 yards and one touchdown. Nate Clements was playing too far off of Owens the entire game and he pretty much got abused. I will say that a couple of the plays weren’t Nate’s fault as Romo had to hit Owens while scrambling after the plays had broken down.

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The San Francisco 49ers were finally able to break their losing streak as they beat up on the St. Louis Rams 35-16 on Sunday afternoon. The 49ers scored 28 points in a breakout second quarter and then held on for the victory to improve their record to 3-7 on the year.

Shaun Hill was 15 of 20 for  213 yards and two touchdowns in the game. Hill threw two touchdowns and ran for another one in that 28 point second quarter. Hill did not make a costly mistake like throwing interceptions in the endzone like we have seen earlier in the year so that was nice to see.

Frank Gore led the way on the ground with 18 carries for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Gore’s longest run of the day was a 37 yard run. He did have one fumble however that proved costly as the 49ers probably would have scored a touchdown on th drive.

Byran Johnson and Vernon Davis both caught one touchdown each from Hill.

I like the fact that the 49ers won, but the second half could have been played a lot better. The team was held scoreless by the Rams defense which should never happen. I don’t know if the team just relaxed in the second half or what the problem was but they can’t do that against other teams and expect to hang on and win the games.

Up next will be a tough game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys now have Tony Romo back at quarterback and they just beat the Washington Redskinds on the road so the 49ers are going to have to play lights out to pull out a victory.

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The San Francisco 49ers played a lot better then most expected on Monday night against the St. Louis Cardinals but they still came up short in the game as they lost 29-24. Michael Robinson was stopped short of the goal line as the 49ers attempted to score the go ahead touchdown as time expired.

The last two plays of the game everyone will question with out a doubt. With no time outs left, the 49ers ran the ball the last two plays of the game. Frank Gore was stopped short the first time and then it seemed like a bone headed playcall on the final play of the game as Robinson was stopped short. It sure would have been nice to have one of those time outs left…

Shaun Hill was pretty terrible in my opinion as he only completed 19 of 40 passes and was picked of twice. He was actually picked off more then twice but those plays were called back due to penalties on the Cardinals. Hill made some very stupid mistakes with the ball and it really hurt the team. He did throw two touchdown passes as Josh Morgan and Vernon Davis caught td’s in the second quarter but it still wasn’t the showing we were hoping for out of Hill.

Frank Gore ran the ball 23 times for 99 yards to lead the niners rushing attack. Gore’s longest run of the night was a 20 yarder.

Patrick Willis once again led the defense with 11 tackles. It’s too bad the team still gave up almost 30 points as they just can’t shut down the opposing teams offense.

Allen Rossum had the play of the game for the 49ers when he took the opening kickoff back 104 yards for a touchdown.

The 49ers will now have a short week as they will play again on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

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Thing sure were ugly on Sunday as the San Francisco 49ers dropped their fifth straight game of the season. The 49ers were roughed up by the visiting Seattle Seahawks by the score of 34-13. The most excitement in the game was seeing J.T. O’Sullivan being benched in the second quarter and then Vernon Davis being told to go shower and get off the field with 10 minutes left in the game. Yeah, things were that bad for the 49ers…

Coach Singletary sure didn’t waste anytime pulling the plug on O’Sullivan after he threw a pick six in the second quarter. It was already his third tournover of the game as he fumbled the ball twice earlier in the game. Shuan Hill came in and played the rest of the game for the 49ers. Singletary said he would have to look at some game film and see how the two qb’s practice during the off week and will then make a decision on a starter for the Nov 10th Monday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals.

As for the Vernon Davis situation, Davis pushed away a Seahawks defender by the face mask after a seven yard reception to draw a 15 yard penalty. Davis was then pulled out of the game and told to go sit down. Singletary then talked to Davis a couple of different times on the sidelines and told him “he would do a better job for us right now taking a shower and coming back and watching the game than going out on the field.”

There really isn’t a ton to blog about in the game. Joe Nedney had two field goals and then Jason Hill caught a two yard touchdown from Hill for the 49ers only touchdown. The offense played terrible and the defense was terrible as well.

It’s a good time for the 49ers to have a bye week that is for sure. They need to get back to the basics and work on fundamentals during the next two weeks.

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Things didn’t get any better for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday as they dropped their fourth straight game. The New York Giants beat the 49ers 29-17 in a hard fought game. It was just the 49ers making more mistakes in the second half then the Giants and that is the reason for the 12 points loss.

J.T. O’Sullivan once again made costly mistakes in the game as he was picked off twice and also had a fumble in the endzone that resulted in a safety. He finished the game with one touchdown and two interceptions on 16 of 28 passing. O’Sullivan finished the game with 256 yards.

Head coach Mike Nolan mentioned after the game that a qb change could happen this week in practice so loook for Shaun Hill to get some more reps then he has.

Frank Gore had a terrible game as he only had 11 carries and 11 yards. The 49ers simply can’t win if Gore isn’t running the ball.

Josh Morgan led the wide receivers with five catches for 86 yards and one touchdown.

The offense was that bad against the Giants. Had they not scored a touchdown on a blocked field goal right before halftime, this game would have been a huge blowout for the G-men. The 49ers were that bad.

The main guy on the 49ers defense once again was Patrick Willis as he had nine tackles in the game. Walt Harris was right there with him with nine tackles of his own as well. The defense as a group is giving up too many points and the way the offense is playing right now, they will continue to lose these type of games.

So how long will Coach Nolan remain the coach of the San Francisco 49ers? I think that is the question everyone will be asking once again this week.

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The San Francisco 49ers were looking good through three quarters and part of the fourth quarter however the visiting Philadelphia Eagles did all the scoring in the final quarter and won 40-26. The 49ers gave up 23 points in the 4th quarter as they made costly mistakes and let things get away from them.

J.T. O’Sullivan threw for 199 yards but zero touchdowns and was picked off twice. The costly one that sealed the win for the Eagles came with 38 seconds left in the game. Juqua Parker returned the int 55 yards for a touchdown.

It was nice to see Frank Gore to rush for over 100 yards. I have mentioned before that if Gore could get over the 100 yard mark, the 49ers should win the game. I was wrong with that prediction but Gore did everything he could do to help out the team as he rushed for 101 yards on 19 carries.

Vernon Davis finally had a breakout game as well. Davis caught six balls for 75 yards and awesome as he broke tackles on the plays to pick up extra yards.

Patrick Willis once again led the team with tackles as he finished the game with eight. Takeo Spikes who was cut by the Eagles before joining the 49ers had a good game with seven tackles and one interception.

That is now three straight losses for the niners. The offense isn’t playing that good and the defense is giving up a lot of points as well. Those two things don’t equal wins that is for sure. The 49ers will now be travelling to New York to take on the Giants this coming Sunday. Expect another loss for the niners.

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