Hey everyone, hope everyone was able to sit down and watch the 2009 Draft unfold on ESPN over the weekend. I was out of town with my wife’s company she works for but did get to catch parts of the draft here and there. Great steal by grabbing Michael Crabree with the #10 overall pick I thought!

Here are how things ended up with the 49ers and the draft.

Round 1:
#10 pick Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech

Round 3:
#47 pick Glen Coffee RB Alabama

Round 5:
#146 pick Scott McKillip LB Pittsburgh
#171 pick Nate Davis QB Ball State

Round 6:
#184 pick Bear Pascoe TE Fresno State

Round 7:
#219 Curtis Taylor FS LSU
#244 Ricky Jean-Francois DL LSU

Also so far these free agents have signed with the team:

Kory Sheets RB Purdue
Alex Boone OT Ohio State
Jahi Word-Daniels CB Georgia Tech
Pannel Egboh DE Stanford
Carlos Thomas CB South Carolina

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It’s draft time once again, and everyone is wondering who the 49ers will draft with the 10th pick in the draft? Or will they even pick in that spot or possibly drop back a little bit and pick up extra draft picks? Draft guru’s Todd McShay and Mel Kiper have released their latest mock drafts. So here is how things shape up as of now by these two “gurus”

Todd McShay = Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas

Mel Kiper = Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

Could Josh Freeman drop enough to the #10 spot for the 49ers to grab him? That is one questions that is going around on the blogs right now. I don’t want Freeman that is one thing I will make clear. He hasn’t shown me the accuracy and composure that I want at the quarterback position.

So who do you think the 49ers will take with their first round pick on Saturday?

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The 2008 draft has come and gone and now it is time to blog about the 49ers selections and what we all think of them.  In a kind of suprising move, the 49ers did not draft a skilled postion until the sixth round when they grabbed wide receiver Josh Morgan from Virginia Tech.  The 49ers will still need to get a free agent wide out to help out the passing game.

Kentwan Balmer was the 49ers first round pick at number 29 overall.  Balmer is defensive tackle from North Carolina who was coached by John Blake and really became a great player for the Tar Heels in his last season.  Some people are wondering if it was a one year wonder for him, time will tell but hopefully he will be able to slide into the defensive line and be a good player.

In the second round ther 49ers selected Chilo Rachal who is an offensive guard from USC.  People question Rachal’s athletic ability so he will have to improve on that because he won’t be able to just push around NFL defensive linemen like he did in college.

Reggie Smith a cornerback / safety out of Oklahoma was the 49ers third round pick.  Smith was once thought to be a late first round / secound round guy that slipped to the 49ers at the 75th overall pick.  Smith will need to bulk up a little bit, but I like him a lot.

The fourth round seen the 49ers grabbing another offensive linemen as they selected Cody Wallace out of Texas A&M.

The 49ers did not have a pick in the 5th round, and in the 6th round they drafted Josh Morgan a wide receiver from Virginia Tech.  Morgan is a quick reciever, but does take some plays off if the ball isn’t coming his way.  He is going to have contribute on special teams to have an impact with the team I think.

In the 7th round, Larry Grant a linebacker from Ohio State was selected by the 49ers.  I think Grant can be a decent player, but is going to have to really work his butt off in mini camp and show the coaches that he can get off blocks and make a play at the NFL level.

We will get onto the free agents that the 49ers have signed later today.  What do you think of the 49ers draft?  I know they didn’t get a big playmaker, or someone that you might have noticed, but these guys can be role players that should help the team out.  Hopefully they will atleast help out at the offensive and defensive line positions.

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The San Francisco 49ers got caught by the NFL for contacting Lance Brigg’s agent while he was still under contract with the Chicago Bears.  That was legal for the 49ers to do, and now they will lose their 4th round draft pick in the April draft, and also have to switch places with the Bears and their 3rd round draft pick.  Now the 49ers will draft 12th in the 3rd round, while the Bears will draft 7th.

49ers general manager Scot McCloughan said he thought the team was staying within the NFL’s guidelines when they were acquiring about Briggs.  He does respect the NFL’s decision, just doesn’t agree with it.

So now the 49ers draft just got that much worse… Good job guys

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Welcome the start of a new San Francisco 49ers Blog!  I’ll be blogging all about the 49ers, game recaps, trades, and 49ers rumors.  Pretty much just my opinion about everything that goes on the with the 49ers and the management.

I hope you will check back daily for updates to the blog, and leave some comments in the articles so others can also see your opinions about the team and management!  From time to time we will be running some contests on the site so make sure to check in often!

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